Monday, December 26, 2011

Morgan Seabrook: 2nd Degree Brown Belt Promotion

This is a video of my daughter, Morgan, who was promoted to 2nd Degree Brown Belt in our children's system in American Kenpo on November 12, 2011. Thank you so much Vince Brock for making this video!!

I promoted Morgan after a 3-hour kickboxing seminar that I taught in Sarnia, Ontario, and that Morgan participated in. Morgan has been training with me for 6 years come January 2012 and must wait one more year before being eligible to test for 1st Degree Brown Belt, and then another year thereafter before being ready to grade for Junior Black Belt.

I am so very proud of her!! She's got some incredible skills.

Pictures from my Kickboxing Seminar

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season. My family had a great Christmas, and I am looking forward to spending the next week with them and just hanging out. We will probably all hit a movie, Chantel and I will having a date night, and we will likely all to do some Boxing Day shopping today.

Anyhow, my friend and student, Vince Brock, sent me a bunch of pictures that he took from the recent kickboxing seminar that I taught in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, at the Dynamic Academy of Martial Arts school. I have uploaded a few here for your viewing.

Hope you all have a very happy new year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Belt Promotions

The following, partly for my interest but also for that of my students, shows a list of all belt promotions throughout 2011 for my Kenpo Karate students. Note that I have only included students who are still actively training with me.


Maia G: Advanced Orange


Miles B: Advanced White
Luke N: Yellow
Hannah M: Yellow
Chloe B: Orange
Claire H: Purple
Justin F: Advanced Purple


Jennifer B: Advanced White
Joseph L: Advanced White
Michael L: Advanced White
Christofer L: Advanced White
Maxime F: Yellow
Reese W: Advanced Orange
Feras A: Purple
Madison S: Purple
Neal F: Blue
Josh G: Blue


Joseph L: Yellow
Michael L: Yellow
Christofer L: Yellow
Miles B: Yellow
Luke N: Advanced Yellow
Tyler B: Orange
Vince B: Orange
Chris H: Purple
Jacob C: Advanced Purple
Serenah J: 3rd Degree Brown (Children's)


Ethan B: Advanced White
Jacob K: Advanced White
Maxime F: Advanced Yellow
Miles B: Advanced Yellow
Chloe B: Advanced Orange
Madison S: Advanced Purple


Hannah M: Advanced Yellow
Timothy B: Orange
Reese W: Purple
Maia G: Purple


Jennifer B: Orange
Vince B: Advanced Orange
Micah W: 3rd Degree Brown (Children's)
Chris N: 2nd Degree Brown
Dana B: 2nd Degree Brown


Ethan B: Yellow
Miles B: Orange
Maxime F: Orange
Joseph L: Orange
Michael L: Orange
Luke N: Orange
Christofer L: Orange
Jennifer B: Advanced Orange
Chloe B: Purple
Claire H: Advanced Purple
Reese W: Advanced Purple
Justin F: Blue


Darren W: Green


Jacob K: Yellow
Ethan B: Advanced Yellow
Hannah M: Orange
Miles B: Advanced Orange
Tyler B: Advanced Orange
Jennifer B: Purple
Tiffany B: Purple
Chloe B: Advanced Purple
Ross F: Advanced Blue
Neal F: Green
Josh G: Green


Chloe G: Advanced White
Tom G: Advanced White
Adam G: Advanced White
Timothy B: Advanced Orange
Joseph L: Advanced Orange
Michael L: Advanced Orange
Christofer L: Advanced Orange
Luke N: Advanced Orange
Vince B: Purple
Gavin M: Advanced Purple
Maia G: Advanced Purple
Justin F: Advanced Blue
Morgan S: 2nd Degree Brown (Children's)


Nina D: Advanced White
Mackenzie F: Advanced White
Harrison F: Advanced White
Jacob C: Blue
Crystal A: 3rd Degree Brown
Michael G: 2nd Degree Brown (Children's)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Code Words for Self-Defense Techniques

As one is learning the American Kenpo system, it can get challenging remembering all of the names of the self-defense techniques. Below you will find a list of code words and their definitions to help you in remembering the names of techniques:

Sword - chop
Destruction or Destructive - left side
Hammer - bottom of fist
Branch - leg
Storm - club
Mace - fist / punch
Kimono - shirt
Salute - heel palm
Talon, Falcon, Eagle - grab
Gift - handshake
Feathers - hair
Wing - elbow
Leaves - fingers
Ram - tackle or front of fist
Shield - block
Twig - arm
Pendulum - blocking arm that turns into a strike or block
Fan - parry
Lance - knife
Darkness - from behind or an unknown area
Rod - gun

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Madison!!

Tomorrow my beautiful daughter, Madison, turns 7 years old! We are having a big party at our house, jam-packed with lots of kids. Chantel, as always, has done tons of preparation work. Happy Birthday Maddie! I love you!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dana Broadhead Wins At WKC World Championships in Spain!

Dana Broadhead's success continues. Dana just won the Gold medal in Women's Soft Style Forms and the Bronze medal in Traditional Weapons at the 2011 WKC World Championships in Spain. In her forms division, Dana did Long Form 4, and in her weapons division, she performed a Kung Fu form called Orr Fai Do Fa. Dana is a 2nd Degree Brown Belt in American Kenpo Karate and is member of the Chinese Karate Federation. Way to go Dana!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Purple Belt Promotion

Here is a photo of Tiffany, myself and Jenn, after promoting them to Purple Belt in American Kenpo last Thursday night. Tiffany and Jenn do one-hour semi-private lessons with me out of my home every Thursday evening. The two of them have really improved, and are definitely two of my most dedicated students. The week prior to their testing, they did one hour straight of kickboxing pad drills, and for their testing, they did forms, sets, techniques and sparring.

Pictures from my Modern Arnis Seminars

Here are a couple of photos that were taken from last Friday's Modern Arnis seminars that I taught at Family Karate Centres in London, Ontario. It was a great night with some very dedicated participants.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Summary of Modern Arnis Seminars

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to my seminars last night at Family Karate Centres in London, Ontario.

The children's seminar ran from 6-7 pm. In that seminar, I taught the 12 basic strikes with the stick, and the 12 basic defenses (block, check, counter) when stick on stick. I also taught how to counter a club attack with an arm lock take-down, and a give-and-take figure 8 drill with a partner.

In the adult seminar, in addition to the topics above, I also taught a tapi tapi drill, single stick sparring, joint locks and spinning throws, and visidario with a rapid fire attack.

The seminars went very well and were well attended.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jamie Seabrook Sparring Seminar

On Saturday, November 12th, I will be conducting an intense sparring seminar from 1-4 pm at the Dynamic Academy Of Martial Arts, at the Bluewater Funpark Plaza in Sarnia, Ontario, located at 1886 London Line. The cost of the seminar is $35 plus HST. Sparring gear, including boots, gloves, headgear, mouth-guard and groin protection are mandatory for this seminar.

We will be covering hand and foot techniques, sparring strategies, foot maneuvers, pad drills, partner work, and actual fighting. Be prepared to work and improve.

The seminar will be hosted by Rob Broad, a 6th Degree American Kenpo Karate Black Belt. For more information on registration, please call 519-344-3221.

Hope to see you there.

Jamie Seabrook Modern Arnis Seminars

Hi Everyone,

For those who are interested, I will be conducting two Modern Arnis seminars on Friday, October 21st at Family Karate Centres at 405 - 3 Wharncliffe Road in London, Ontario. The kids seminar will run from 6-7 pm and the topic will be striking and defending with a single stick. The adult seminar will run from 7:15-8:45 pm and will consist of locking and flow drills, and angles of attack.

The cost of the kids seminar is $25 if you already have a stick, or $35 which will include a foam stick with your registration. The adult seminar fee is $40, which includes the cost of a wooden stick.

For more information on registration, please call 519-432-5425.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dana Broadhead - Ontario Grand Nationals

Congratulations goes out to Dana Broadhead, who is a 2nd Degree Brown Belt under me in American Kenpo, with these fantastic results at the Ontario Grand Nationals in London, Ontario, Canada, on September 26:

1st place in 30-39 year old Advanced Sparring
2nd place in Advanced Sparring
2nd place in 30-39 year old Advanced Kata (Forms)
3rd place in Advanced Kata (Forms)
3rd place in Advanced Weapons

Way to go Dana!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summary of Sean Kelley Seminars

Last night I just got back from Bradford, Pennsylvania after attending 2 seminars taught by Senior Professor Sean Kelley. My good friends and students, Matt Trejo and Brennan Weatherhead also came with me.

The first seminar was "Speak with a knife, Part 2." In this seminar, we reviewed the striking angles and attacks that were taught in Mr. Kelley's knife seminar back in May, and then added in some knife on knife drills, as well as an empty hand vs. knife drill with a disarm.

In the second seminar, Mr. Kelley taught on the "What-if" and "Formulation" stages of Kenpo. In this seminar, we worked on Snapping Twig, Shield and Mace, as well as Twirling Hammers. He also showed how to blend Shield and Mace with Twirling Hammers while aggressively moving forward.

The day was then topped off with sparring. There were some great fights, and I always love closing the day off with a few fights.

Friday, September 9, 2011

10-Year Wedding Anniversary

Chantel and I just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary on August 25th. In celebration of our anniversary, we had the opportunity to travel to Mexico for 8 nights, just the two of us. We stayed at the Ocean Coral & Turquesa in Puerto Morelos. The weather was perfect, ranging from 85 to 93 Fahrenheit each day. I will never forget this trip, and the awesome time that Chantel and I shared. Above are a couple of photos.

September 9, 1985

It was on this day 26 years ago that I took my first lesson in Kenpo Karate in London, Ontario. I was 10 years of age at the time. I am thankful to all of my teachers who have helped me grow into a better martial artist, and no matter what rank I hold today, or no matter what influence I have had on students since opening my fist Kenpo Karate school in 1995, I will always be a student.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Chantel :)

I just wanted to take the time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing wife Chantel. I love you more and more every day Chantel. Thanks so much for being the best wife and friend that anyone could ever ask for. You have made my life so complete. Maddie, Morgan and myself have such a better life because of YOU!! I love you honey.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sean Kelley Seminars - Sept 16-18th, Bradford, PA

Hi Everyone,

If at all possible, don't miss this great opportunity to train with the Chinese Karate Federation (CKF) President, Sean P. Kelley, in Bradford, Pennsylvania, September 16-18th. The seminars are being held at Michael Miller's Dojo. The cost of the event is only $50 for all non-Miller dojo students.


Friday, Sept. 16 (6:00-7:00pm): Adult Class
Topic: Returning the Storm

Saturday, Sept. 17 (10:00am-11:00am) Children's class
Topic: “Buddy Day” Karate Class with a Kenpo Legend

Saturday, Sept. 17 (1:00 – 2:00pm) Adult Class
Topic: Speak with a Knife: Part 2 (bring practice knives)

Saturday, Sept. 17 (2:30 – 4:00pm) Adult Class
Topic: The “What if” and Formulation Phases of Kenpo

4:00 to 4:30pm Open sparring (Adult blue belts and up only)

Special Sunday:

Brown and Black belt class 11:00am – 1:00pm

Topic: The following techniques:

Intercepting the Ram
Deceptive Panther
Destructive Fans
Unfurling Crane
Grasping Eagles
Parting of the Snakes
Thrusting Lance

Chris Newsome and Dana Broadhead: 2nd Degree Brown Belt Promotion

On July 27th, Chris Newsome and Dana Broadhead were both promoted to 2nd Degree Brown Belt in American Kenpo Karate. The testing was 2 hours in duration, and consisted of forms, sets, self-defense techniques, and sparring. Both of these students were phenomenal and put forth an outstanding effort.

At my school, all Brown belts and higher participate in the testing to enhance their skills, although only those being graded receive rank. Attached are a few photos from the event.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summary of Seminars

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who attended my martial art seminars on July 15th. The seminars were well attended and I even had three black belts out from different schools, which is always exciting.

In the first seminar I taught a Kung Fu form called Gowcha Ch'aun Yut Lo (Cross Attack 1). The second seminar consisted of basic and advanced Kenpo grafting techniques with a lot of hands-on body work. Although we didn't end up taking a group photo for each seminar, we did manage to take a photo of several of us. I have also provided links to a few videos from the seminars:


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Today is Morgan's 9th birthday. It seems like yesterday when she was born. I have such an amazing family, and wanted to share a few photos of her. Happy Birthday Morgan!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jamie Seabrook Martial Art Seminars

On Friday, July 15th, I will be conducting two martial art seminars in London, Ontario, at the Berkshire Club, 500 Berkshire Drive.

The first seminar will run from 5:30-6:30 pm and will be open to students of all ages. In this seminar, I will be teaching a special Kung Fu Form called Gowcha Ch'aun Yut Lo (Cross Attack I). This form is the first in the Black Dragon System of Kung Fu, of which I also hold a black belt. The seminar will be beneficial to everyone, regardless of rank.

The second seminar will run from 6:35-8:05 pm and will be open to adults only. This seminar will focus on American Kenpo self-defense techniques and, particularly, advanced grafting. The seminar will be "hands on," working on live bodies utilizing consistent partner work.

The cost of the first seminar is $15, and the cost of the second seminar is $20. Adults have the option of attending both seminars for just $30.

I hope to see you there.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Madison Seabrook Tournament Competition

Today my youngest daughter, Madison (age 6), competed in her first ever martial arts tournament. The Crispin Shiai was held in Georgetown, Ontario, and Madison had approximately 10-20 competitors in each of her divisions. Madison won 1st place in the self-defense technique division, and performed the American Kenpo techniques 'Delayed Sword," 'Five Swords,' and 'Obscure Wing' on me. Wow, does she hit hard!

Madison also won 3rd place in sparring, by winning 2 out of 3 of her fights, and landed some really hard roundhouse kicks and punches to the body. Madison also won
5th place in her forms and weapons divisions. I was really proud of her, and it was great to see so much of her hard work come out in the demonstration of her skills. I have attached a picture of her with all of her trophies.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Great Time in Bradford, PA, for CKF Seminars

Last Saturday, May 21st, myself and seven of my students attended the Bradford, PA, CKF seminars hosted by Michael Miller. The seminars were taught by CKF President, Sean P. Kelley.

Mr. Kelley's first seminar was called "Speak with a Knife." In this seminar, we learned a 6-count knife drill, and learned how to change the pattern of the count through spontaneity and counting by our partner. We also reviewed the American Kenpo self-defense technique, "Glancing Lance" and Mr. Kelley showed how the traditional (and often current) way this technique is taught is faulty. We thus learned a more practical and innovative way to make this technique work.

In the second seminar, Mr. Kelley taught an awesome kickboxing session, where we did lots of partner work utilizing the hands and the feet.

The day finished with an open sparring session which was loads of fun (and hard work). I had the opportunity once again to fight against Michael Miller and his amazing student (and MMA fighter), Matt Morris. I also fought against Beth Allen. My other students had loads of fights as well.

It was a great day, and the seminars were incredible. Michael Miller, as always, hosted another amazing CKF event.

The next CKF event in Bradford will be in September, and Mr. Kelley will be coming back for his 3rd annual CKF event in London, Ontario in November.

Monday, May 23, 2011

World Karate & Kickboxing Council (WKC) National Team Tryouts

This past weekend, Dana Broadhead, a 3rd Degree Brown Belt in American Kenpo Karate at my school, competed at the WKC Canadian Championships in Ottawa, Ontario. I am pleased to announce that Dana won 1st place in the Women’s 18+ Chinese/soft style forms division with Long Form 4, and 3rd place in the Women’s 18+ traditional weapons division with Tonfa Set 1. Dana has thus qualified for the Canadian team in both divisions, with the World Championships being held in Cadiz, Spain, October 31-November 5, 2011.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Luke’s Grade 1 Speech on Kenpo Karate

Below you find a link to a simply awesome speech given by one of my youngest students, Luke. His vocabulary and ability to memorize is incredible. I am so proud of him! ENJOY!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Amazing Vacation!!

I just got back yesterday from an amazing vacation with my family in Florida. The weather was awesome! We were gone for a full two weeks, and spent much of our time swimming and hanging out by the pool. We also spent a full day at Disney World (Magic Kingdom). I really liked Splash Mountain and Space Mountain (although, admittedly, the latter freaked me out!!).

It was awesome spending so much time with my beautiful wife, Chantel, and my lovely daughters, Morgan and Madison. I swear Chantel gets more gorgeous by the day!! My father-in-law, Glenn, also came with us, as did some very close friends of ours (the Baker’s).

Two hilarious things that I will remember about my daughters on this trip were: (1) Madison doing the Macarena for 30 cents in front of everyone at the pool; and (2) Morgan was laughing hysterically on Splash Mountain thinking that Justin was so scared on the ride for the first time!!

As this is a Kenpo blog, I should also mention that I had plenty of free time to train hard. Here is what I did over the past 2 weeks:

446 self-defense techniques (including the entire system with extensions), taught 3 private lessons, Blocking Set 1 (4X), Blocking Set 2 (4X), Kicking Set 1 (2X), Kicking Set 2 (2X), Coordination Set 1, Coordination Set 2, Finger Set 1 (4X), Finger Set 2 (2X), Striking Set 1 (2X), Striking Set 2 (2X), Stance Set 1 (3X), Stance Set 2 (3X), Staff Set, Short Form 1 (5X), Short Form 2 (3X), Short Form 3 (2X), Long Form 1 (2X), Long Form 2 (2X), Long Form 3, Long Form 4 (3X), Long Form 5, Long Form 6, Long Form 8, Book Set, Tiger and Crane (2X), Breathing Law (2X), 6 days of weight training, 380 pushups, and 380 sit-ups.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Longe Hun Gwan (Wandering Dragon Staff)

About one year ago, I decided that I wanted to put up a wide variety of weapons forms on youtube for people to see. Since that time, I have put up 2 tonfa forms, 1 single stick form, 1 double stick form, 1 long staff (bo) form, and 1 double knife form. About 3 years ago, I also put up a saber form.

Last night, Chantel taped me performing another long staff form, called "Longe Hun Gwan" (Wandering Dragon Staff). Longe Hun Gwan is part of the Black Dragon System of Kung Fu, of which I am also a black belt. I am thankful to have learned this form from my former Kung Fu instructor, martial arts legend, Paul Chau. The link to the form can be found here:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Great Time at 4th Annual Kenpo Karate Boot Camp

On March 20th, I had the opportunity of teaching three American Kenpo seminars at the 4th Annual Dynamic Academy of Martial Arts Boot Camp in Sarnia, Ontario, hosted by 6th Degree Black Belt, Rob Broad. Matt Trejo, one of my 3rd Degree Black Belts, was also a guest instructor at the camp. In my first seminar, I showed how Dance of Death, Thundering Hammers and Sleeper are family related techniques and how the what-if phase of training can be used to determine which technique should be used in a given situation. In my second seminar, I taught Short Form 3, and demonstrated the opposites and reverses throughout the form when executing the techniques. In my final seminar, I helped students improve their kickboxing skills by working various pad drill combinations. The last part of the seminar finished with some continuous fighting.

I was also very impressed by the dedication and talent of Rob Broad’s students, and Matt Trejo did a phenomenal job in showing how Striking Set 1 could be utilized in more practical, fighting applications. Rob Broad’s classes on Short Form 2 and weaponry were also very exciting.

Above are a couple of pictures from the event.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sean Kelley Seminars in Bradford, PA

Are you ready to take your martial art skills to the next level? If so, you will not want to miss the following Sean Kelley seminars hosted by my good friend, Michael Miller, May 20-21, 2011, in Bradford, Pennsylvania:

Friday, May 20 (6:00-7:30pm) Storm Techniques
Saturday, May 21 (1:00 – 2:30pm) Knife class
Saturday, May 21 (3:00 – 4:00pm) Kickboxing
Saturday, May 21 (4:00 - 4:30pm) Open sparring

The cost for all students traveling to this event is only $50. Checks can be made out to "Miller's Dojo."

Be there!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Summary of Last Weekend’s Kenpo Karate Seminars

Thanks to everyone who came out to my seminars last Friday night. In the first seminar, I taught the children Short Form 2. In the adult seminar, I focused on evolving techniques beginning with single-person attacks, and how those same techniques are then used subsequently in two-man attack scenarios. In the first seminar, I focused on proper utilization of the power principles, namely - torque, marriage of gravity, and backup mass. In the second seminar, the vast majority of the time was spent working the techniques on partners, and learning how to understand the moves in the ideal phase, what-if phase, and the formulation phase. Both of the seminars were well attended. Above are a couple of photos from the event.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Dynamic Academy of Martial Arts 4th Annual Boot Camp

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let all of you know about an exciting martial arts boot camp being held in Sarnia, Ontario the weekend of March 18-20th. The training camp will be held at the Dynamic Academy of Martial Arts, 1886 London Line. This boot camp will consist of 15 hours of training over the course of three days, and if you pre-register by March 1st, the cost is only $125 ($140 after that date). I have been asked to be one of the camp’s instructors, along with several other American Kenpo Karate experts. The seminar topics for the camp are very diverse, giving each participant the exposure to many different facets of training. The seminar topics (and instructors) are as follows:

A. JEFF DUKES (9th Degree Shinja Ryu; 8th Degree American Kenpo)

(1) Transitional Stance Changing and the Universal Kenpo Patch

(2) Understanding Linear and Circular Motion

(3) Reality Street Self Defense: What Works and What Doesn't?

B. JAMIE SEABROOK (6th Degree American Kenpo Black Belt)

(1) Kickboxing (bring boxing gloves/hand gear & t-shirt)

(2) Family Related Self-Defense Techniques

(3) Short Form 3: Opposites, Reverses, and Mirror Mechanics

C. JASON ARNOLD (5th Degree American Kenpo Black Belt)

(1) Lock flows, Sensitivity and Energy Drills

(2) Kenpo from the Ground Perspective

(3) Kenpo Knife Work

D. Rob Broad (5th Degree American Kenpo Black Belt)

(1) Belt Defenses

(2) Short Stick Techniques

To register, please call 519-344-3221 or email:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bowing in the Martial Arts

One of my students asked me the purpose behind bowing in the martial arts. Although I could give many answers to this, I would like to give my own slant on the purpose and meaning behind bowing. Please note that there are some traditions that I choose to follow, and others not; many of the traditions that I do not follow (or ask my students to follow) have to do with my Christian faith.

One of the most common traditions in martial arts training is to bow before entering and leaving the dojo (training area). By bowing, we are not worshipping the area, but rather are showing respect to the area in which we are to train, and are showing that we don’t take our training lightly. In some schools, thousands upon thousands of classes have been taught in that particular training area, and some highly skilled black belts have been produced in that very setting. By bowing, we show respect to the instructor(s) of the school, to fellow classmates, and to the knowledge that one is about to or has already acquired.

Another common tradition in martial arts is bowing to your opponent when engaging in sparring, or when practicing techniques. By bowing, we are demonstrating that we value the person that we are working with, and that the purpose of the fight or technique is to mutually improve one another’s skills. We often will bow to the referee as well, to acknowledge that the referee is in charge of conducting the fight and ensuring fairness, and that the referee may see things that we did not when engaged in our fight. A similar tradition is followed when being evaluated by several judges in a tournament forms/kata competition.

We also bow when commencing and finishing each class. The bow shows mutual respect in that students are thankful for the knowledge they have acquired (or are about to acquire) from the instructor, they honor the martial art that they are learning, and the instructor is thankful to have students committed to his/her teaching methods.

All of these traditions are beneficial in my opinion because they instill discipline, humility, courtesy, and respect for the system of American Kenpo, as well as for teachers and fellow students. There are times, however, where I believe that bowing can be misused. For example, at some schools students must find the head instructor before doing anything else and immediately bow to him (even if he is in his own office). Often, the bow is not reciprocated from instructor to student. That’s called pride, and it makes the head instructor out to be almost godlike.

Some Japanese/Okinawan martial art schools even have students shout out at the beginning of class “Onegaishimasu” which translated means, “Teach me, I beg of you.” Beg? Really? Tell me that won’t inflate an instructor’s ego. Don’t get me wrong; it’s important to respect and honor one’s instructor. But we need to be careful not to put the individual on a pedestal. It’s very possible for an instructor to be espousing perseverance and self-control, for example, while also having a very difficult time with anger management and fidelity. The reality is that the instructor may not be practicing what he preaches.

As a third example, some instructors insist that their students call them “Master.” Again, I am all for “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” “Mam,” and “Sir.” Those words are ones we should all use more. But insisting or better yet correcting a student for calling him “Mr. Smith” versus “Master Smith” is called pride. Interestingly, in the Chinese Karate Federation (CKF), one is not even considered a “Master” until one has obtained the rank of 9th Degree Black Belt (an “Associate Master” is an 8th Degree Black Belt). Today, I see all kinds of “Masters” with lower-ranked black belts, or who have high-ranking black belts with amateur skills at best. For the record, my students refer to me as “Mr. Seabrook” and always will. My master died a brutal death on a Cross for me 2000 years ago.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jamie Seabrook American Kenpo Karate Seminars

On Friday, January 28th, I will be teaching two seminars at the Berkshire Club in London, Ontario. The first seminar will be for children, and I will be teaching the American Kenpo Karate Purple Belt form, Short Form 2. The children’s seminar will run from 6:00-7:00 pm and the cost of the seminar is $15. The second seminar will be for adults and will run from 7:00-8:30 pm. The adult seminar will focus on evolving techniques in the American Kenpo Karate system. Specifically, I will show how self-defence techniques that were taught earlier in the American Kenpo curriculum are utilized later in the system when dealing with multiple attackers. The cost of the adult seminar is $25. Everyone is welcome to attend this event. I hope to see you there.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2010 Logged Training Time

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!!

Below is a list of what I accomplished in 2010 in terms of my training routine. Each year I try to excel what I did, but it's never easy.

Days Practiced Martial Arts (minimum of 1 hour time): 344
Total number of days I taught martial arts: 197
Total number of classes that I taught: 523
Number of days devoted to sparring: 65
Total number of random techniques – 3741
Pushups – 29,440
Sit-ups – 29,440
Blocking Set 1 – 157
Blocking Set 2 – 87
Kicking Set 1 – 76
Kicking Set 2 – 19
Finger Set 1 – 85
Finger Set 2 – 25
Coordination Set 1 – 29
Coordination Set 2 – 15
Striking Set 1 – 18
Striking Set 2 – 16
Stance Set 1 – 100
Stance Set 2 – 63
Two Man Set – 7
Staff Set – 16
Short Form 1 – 166
Short Form 2 – 131
Short Form 3 – 80
Long Form 1 – 61
Long Form 2 – 56
Long Form 3 - 40
Long Form 4 – 26
Long Form 5 – 15
Long Form 6 – 18
Long Form 7 – 12
Long Form 8 – 25
10 Yellow Techniques – 12
12 Orange Techniques – 12
12 Purple Techniques – 12
16 Blue Techniques – 12
20 Green Techniques – 12
20 3rd Degree Brown Techniques – 12
20 2nd Degree Brown Techniques – 12
20 1st Degree Brown Techniques – 10
20 1st Degree Black Techniques – 5
2nd Degree Black Techniques (Orange ext) – 12
3rd Degree Black Techniques (Purple ext) – 12
4th Degree Black Techniques (37 Blue-Green ext) – 12
5th Degree Black Techniques (36 Brown ext) - 12
Anyo Isa – 11
Anyo Dalawa – 11
Anyo Tatlo – 11
Anyo Apat – 11
Trapping Hands - 2
Tiger and Crane – 18
Book Set – 2
Cross Path 1 – 19
Long Fist 1 – 17
Long Fist 2 - 14
Breathing Law 1 - 35
Single Dragon Short Stick - 38
Double Dragon Short Stick – 18
Wandering Dragon Staff - 8
Tonfa Set 1 (NBD) – 27
Tonfa Set 2 – 6
Bando Knife Form - 2
12 Basic Strikes – 1
Figure eight – 1
Six-count drill - 2