Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Belt Promotions

Congratulations to all of the following students for closing off the year in phenomenal fashion:

Cailyn P: Advanced White Belt
Isaac P: Advanced White
Julia R: Advanced White
Julia P: Yellow
Lucas B: Yellow
Maximilian R: Yellow
Stephen D: Orange
Noah B: Advanced Green

See you all in 2016!

November Belt Promotions

November was a big month for belt promotions at Seabrook Martial Arts Academy. We had five students promoted to Junior Black Belt, three students promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt, one student to 2nd Degree Black Belt, and one student to 3rd Degree Black Belt. My daughters, Morgan and Madison, were promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt and Junior Black Belt, respectively.

Boris N: Orange Belt
Jeremy-lee D: Advanced Orange Belt
Matteo D: Purple Belt
Peter Z: Blue Belt
Mohammad H: Advanced Blue
Scott W: Green Belt
Christofer L: Junior Black Belt
Joseph L: Junior Black Belt
Madison Seabrook: Junior Black Belt
Michael L: Junior Black Belt
Reese W: Junior Black Belt
Josh G: 1st Degree Black Belt
Michael G: 1st Degree Black Belt
Morgan Seabrook: 1st Degree Black Belt
Brennan W: 2nd Degree Black Belt
Darren W: 3rd Degree Black Belt