Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Purple Belt Promotion

Here is a photo of Tiffany, myself and Jenn, after promoting them to Purple Belt in American Kenpo last Thursday night. Tiffany and Jenn do one-hour semi-private lessons with me out of my home every Thursday evening. The two of them have really improved, and are definitely two of my most dedicated students. The week prior to their testing, they did one hour straight of kickboxing pad drills, and for their testing, they did forms, sets, techniques and sparring.

Pictures from my Modern Arnis Seminars

Here are a couple of photos that were taken from last Friday's Modern Arnis seminars that I taught at Family Karate Centres in London, Ontario. It was a great night with some very dedicated participants.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Summary of Modern Arnis Seminars

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to my seminars last night at Family Karate Centres in London, Ontario.

The children's seminar ran from 6-7 pm. In that seminar, I taught the 12 basic strikes with the stick, and the 12 basic defenses (block, check, counter) when stick on stick. I also taught how to counter a club attack with an arm lock take-down, and a give-and-take figure 8 drill with a partner.

In the adult seminar, in addition to the topics above, I also taught a tapi tapi drill, single stick sparring, joint locks and spinning throws, and visidario with a rapid fire attack.

The seminars went very well and were well attended.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jamie Seabrook Sparring Seminar

On Saturday, November 12th, I will be conducting an intense sparring seminar from 1-4 pm at the Dynamic Academy Of Martial Arts, at the Bluewater Funpark Plaza in Sarnia, Ontario, located at 1886 London Line. The cost of the seminar is $35 plus HST. Sparring gear, including boots, gloves, headgear, mouth-guard and groin protection are mandatory for this seminar.

We will be covering hand and foot techniques, sparring strategies, foot maneuvers, pad drills, partner work, and actual fighting. Be prepared to work and improve.

The seminar will be hosted by Rob Broad, a 6th Degree American Kenpo Karate Black Belt. For more information on registration, please call 519-344-3221.

Hope to see you there.

Jamie Seabrook Modern Arnis Seminars

Hi Everyone,

For those who are interested, I will be conducting two Modern Arnis seminars on Friday, October 21st at Family Karate Centres at 405 - 3 Wharncliffe Road in London, Ontario. The kids seminar will run from 6-7 pm and the topic will be striking and defending with a single stick. The adult seminar will run from 7:15-8:45 pm and will consist of locking and flow drills, and angles of attack.

The cost of the kids seminar is $25 if you already have a stick, or $35 which will include a foam stick with your registration. The adult seminar fee is $40, which includes the cost of a wooden stick.

For more information on registration, please call 519-432-5425.