Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rener Gracie Mount Submission Mastery Seminar

Today Matt Trejo and I attended a Rener Gracie seminar on mount submission mastery in Newmarket, Ontario, at the Gracie Humaita school. The seminar was phenomenal, and Rener's instruction and enthusiasm was second to none. As his assistant, Rener brought with him Brian Ortega - a Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belt who has just signed with the UFC and who will be fighting on the May 31st card in Brazil against Diego Brandao.

The seminar started with super hooks mount control, with emphasis placed on strong hip pressure and a low body position. Rener then taught on how to create submission opportunities from the neck-hug sequence using the wrist isolation, Americana armlock, figure-four armbar, and twisting arm control (TAC) transfer. The figure-four armbar is used when the opponent holds my arm to prevent it from looping around the head to prevent me from using the Americana armlock. With the TAC transfer, I drop my body against the opponent's back arm in response to the arm reaching across his body to release the isolated wrist.

Matt and I picked up on a lot of important material, and look forward to training with Rener again soon.