Monday, November 3, 2008

Testimonial written by Senior Prof. Sean Kelley

Testimonial written by Senior Prof. Sean Kelley

As President of the Chinese Karate Federation I have had the pleasure to meet many great people in the martial arts as I have become an International instructor teaching seminars and giving lectures to thousands of martial artists from as young as 4 up to the age of pure wisdom.

I have received testimonials from such legends as Kickboxing Champions Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace and Joe Lewis honoring my position in the martial arts world. I was on cloud nine when noticed by these awesome men for my passion to share what has become my career. I will never forget Joe Lewis's words: 'Sean, you're a true leader and a great teacher.'

I was even more honored to have been part of the last generation to work with SGM Ed Parker and the youngest to be featured in the book The Journey written by Joe Hyams and Tom Bleecker.

This is a testimony for Jamie Seabrook, a man I first met at Las Vegas seminar where I began a long time friendship with him. He is a man of honor, dignity, and above all one who leads by example to his students.

Having Jamie Seabrook as a member of the Chinese Karate Federation and as our Canadian Representative proves he's a man of true pride and can bring professionalism to his community. What makes him unique is that he is still in search of the science of Kenpo to offer the advanced stages of Kenpo to his loyal Black Belts who are now ready to go from the academic stage to the combative stage as we have united our efforts under the 'Alliance' of such Kenpo Legends as GM Dave Hebler, Master Rainer Schulte, and Senior Teaching Black Belt GM Michael Robert Pick.

We welcome Professor Seabrook and all his students into the family of the CKF and look forward to many years of friendship. Our Federation is proud to have those involved with us who take care of business by lending a hand to those who seek guidance as a code of being a true Black Belt with strong ethics and morals.

Sean P.Kelley
CKF President
7th Degree Black Belt