Friday, September 30, 2011

Dana Broadhead - Ontario Grand Nationals

Congratulations goes out to Dana Broadhead, who is a 2nd Degree Brown Belt under me in American Kenpo, with these fantastic results at the Ontario Grand Nationals in London, Ontario, Canada, on September 26:

1st place in 30-39 year old Advanced Sparring
2nd place in Advanced Sparring
2nd place in 30-39 year old Advanced Kata (Forms)
3rd place in Advanced Kata (Forms)
3rd place in Advanced Weapons

Way to go Dana!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summary of Sean Kelley Seminars

Last night I just got back from Bradford, Pennsylvania after attending 2 seminars taught by Senior Professor Sean Kelley. My good friends and students, Matt Trejo and Brennan Weatherhead also came with me.

The first seminar was "Speak with a knife, Part 2." In this seminar, we reviewed the striking angles and attacks that were taught in Mr. Kelley's knife seminar back in May, and then added in some knife on knife drills, as well as an empty hand vs. knife drill with a disarm.

In the second seminar, Mr. Kelley taught on the "What-if" and "Formulation" stages of Kenpo. In this seminar, we worked on Snapping Twig, Shield and Mace, as well as Twirling Hammers. He also showed how to blend Shield and Mace with Twirling Hammers while aggressively moving forward.

The day was then topped off with sparring. There were some great fights, and I always love closing the day off with a few fights.

Friday, September 9, 2011

10-Year Wedding Anniversary

Chantel and I just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary on August 25th. In celebration of our anniversary, we had the opportunity to travel to Mexico for 8 nights, just the two of us. We stayed at the Ocean Coral & Turquesa in Puerto Morelos. The weather was perfect, ranging from 85 to 93 Fahrenheit each day. I will never forget this trip, and the awesome time that Chantel and I shared. Above are a couple of photos.

September 9, 1985

It was on this day 26 years ago that I took my first lesson in Kenpo Karate in London, Ontario. I was 10 years of age at the time. I am thankful to all of my teachers who have helped me grow into a better martial artist, and no matter what rank I hold today, or no matter what influence I have had on students since opening my fist Kenpo Karate school in 1995, I will always be a student.