Thursday, January 8, 2009

Glancing Salute - Orange Belt Technique

Glancing Salute

Orange Belt Technique

Glancing Salute is for a right cross push to our right shoulder. As we borrow force form the opponent’s push, we step in with our left foot toward 11 o’clock into a left neutral bow while simultaneously pinning the opponent’s right wrist with our right arm and breaking the opponent’s elbow with a left inward vertical forearm strike. What this does (in addition to causing an injury) is control the opponent’s width, thereby disabling the opponent from being able to pivot and punch us with his left arm. Our left leg should also be checking the opponent’s right left, thus creating an angle of disturbance for our opponent. We then pivot into a right forward bow as we check the opponent’s right arm down and into his groin to prevent that arm from re-orbiting up into our face as we execute a right glancing heel palm strike to the right side of the opponent’s face (the latter is the reason why the technique is called “Glancing Salute”). The heel palm strikes the target and follows through, thereby enabling us hook our right hand around the opponent’s neck, pull the head down, execute a right knee to the stomach, and then land forward into a right neutral bow or wide kneel stance as we finish the opponent with a right inward elbow to the face.

One should note that this technique also works effectively by taking an angle of least resistance by stepping back with our right foot as we are shoved hard by the opponent. By doing so, it also sets up the possibility of other techniques, such as Flashing Mace for instance.