Monday, December 26, 2011

Morgan Seabrook: 2nd Degree Brown Belt Promotion

This is a video of my daughter, Morgan, who was promoted to 2nd Degree Brown Belt in our children's system in American Kenpo on November 12, 2011. Thank you so much Vince Brock for making this video!!

I promoted Morgan after a 3-hour kickboxing seminar that I taught in Sarnia, Ontario, and that Morgan participated in. Morgan has been training with me for 6 years come January 2012 and must wait one more year before being eligible to test for 1st Degree Brown Belt, and then another year thereafter before being ready to grade for Junior Black Belt.

I am so very proud of her!! She's got some incredible skills.

Pictures from my Kickboxing Seminar

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season. My family had a great Christmas, and I am looking forward to spending the next week with them and just hanging out. We will probably all hit a movie, Chantel and I will having a date night, and we will likely all to do some Boxing Day shopping today.

Anyhow, my friend and student, Vince Brock, sent me a bunch of pictures that he took from the recent kickboxing seminar that I taught in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, at the Dynamic Academy of Martial Arts school. I have uploaded a few here for your viewing.

Hope you all have a very happy new year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Belt Promotions

The following, partly for my interest but also for that of my students, shows a list of all belt promotions throughout 2011 for my Kenpo Karate students. Note that I have only included students who are still actively training with me.


Maia G: Advanced Orange


Miles B: Advanced White
Luke N: Yellow
Hannah M: Yellow
Chloe B: Orange
Claire H: Purple
Justin F: Advanced Purple


Jennifer B: Advanced White
Joseph L: Advanced White
Michael L: Advanced White
Christofer L: Advanced White
Maxime F: Yellow
Reese W: Advanced Orange
Feras A: Purple
Madison S: Purple
Neal F: Blue
Josh G: Blue


Joseph L: Yellow
Michael L: Yellow
Christofer L: Yellow
Miles B: Yellow
Luke N: Advanced Yellow
Tyler B: Orange
Vince B: Orange
Chris H: Purple
Jacob C: Advanced Purple
Serenah J: 3rd Degree Brown (Children's)


Ethan B: Advanced White
Jacob K: Advanced White
Maxime F: Advanced Yellow
Miles B: Advanced Yellow
Chloe B: Advanced Orange
Madison S: Advanced Purple


Hannah M: Advanced Yellow
Timothy B: Orange
Reese W: Purple
Maia G: Purple


Jennifer B: Orange
Vince B: Advanced Orange
Micah W: 3rd Degree Brown (Children's)
Chris N: 2nd Degree Brown
Dana B: 2nd Degree Brown


Ethan B: Yellow
Miles B: Orange
Maxime F: Orange
Joseph L: Orange
Michael L: Orange
Luke N: Orange
Christofer L: Orange
Jennifer B: Advanced Orange
Chloe B: Purple
Claire H: Advanced Purple
Reese W: Advanced Purple
Justin F: Blue


Darren W: Green


Jacob K: Yellow
Ethan B: Advanced Yellow
Hannah M: Orange
Miles B: Advanced Orange
Tyler B: Advanced Orange
Jennifer B: Purple
Tiffany B: Purple
Chloe B: Advanced Purple
Ross F: Advanced Blue
Neal F: Green
Josh G: Green


Chloe G: Advanced White
Tom G: Advanced White
Adam G: Advanced White
Timothy B: Advanced Orange
Joseph L: Advanced Orange
Michael L: Advanced Orange
Christofer L: Advanced Orange
Luke N: Advanced Orange
Vince B: Purple
Gavin M: Advanced Purple
Maia G: Advanced Purple
Justin F: Advanced Blue
Morgan S: 2nd Degree Brown (Children's)


Nina D: Advanced White
Mackenzie F: Advanced White
Harrison F: Advanced White
Jacob C: Blue
Crystal A: 3rd Degree Brown
Michael G: 2nd Degree Brown (Children's)