Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following students who were promoted in American Kenpo in March:

Joshua A: Advanced White
Michael R: Yellow
Adam G: Yellow
Mackenzie F: Advanced Yellow
Timothy B: Purple
Tiffany B: Advanced Purple
Jenn B: Advanced Purple
Maddie S: Blue
Nathan T: Green
Neal F: Advanced Green
Josh G: Advanced Green
Dana B: 1st Degree Brown Belt
Chris N: 1st Degree Brown Belt

Great job everyone!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

5th Annual Martial Arts Boot Camp

Hi Everyone,

The Dynamic Academy Of Martial Arts is hosting its 5th annual martial arts boot camp in Sarnia, Ontario, April 13-15th. The seminars run from 6-9 pm on April 13th, 9-5 pm on April 14th and 11-4pm on April 15th.

The Dynamic Academy of Martial Arts is located at 100 East Street S. in Sarnia.

Below is a list of instructors that will be teaching at the event, along with their respective seminar topics:

Dennis Tosten, 10th degree Black Belt: Arnis, Sparring, and Kenpo Theory

Mike Donovan, 9th degree Black Belt: Single Sinawali Applications, Gun Disarms

Jamie Seabrook, 6th degree Black Belt: Kickboxing, Family Groupings, Storm techniques

Rob Broad, 6th degree Black Belt: Passive Defenses, Self Defense & Canadian Law

Matt Trejo, 3rd degree Black Belt: Flow Drills, Striking Set 2

For registration, please call 519-344-3221 or 519-491-6276.
Cost: $150.00 for 15 hours of training