Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grandmaster Larry Tatum Event

On March 27-28th, Sensei Rob St. Jean hosted a two day martial arts training camp in Blenheim, Ontario at his school, Dynasty Martial Arts. The event was simply awesome and I highly recommend his martial arts school to anyone in the Chatham-Kent area. I was honored to teach a sparring class to adolescents who were mostly junior brown and junior black belts, and I had the opportunity to fight every student by the end of the class. The highlight of the camp was training with Grandmaster Larry Tatum who taught a three-dimensional Short Form 3, showing how each of the techniques in the form could be applied against multiple attackers. If you missed Rob St. Jean's event this time, be sure to make it next time!

I have attached a couple of pictures from my seminar.

March Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following students on their belt promotions:

Boris N: Yellow Belt
Elisabeth H: Advanced Yellow
Jeremy D: Advanced Yellow
Seung-You C: Advanced Yellow
Sonia K: Advanced Yellow
Matteo D: Orange Belt
Mohammad H: Advanced Purple
Noah W: 2nd Degree Brown