Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WKC National Team Tryout Results

I would like to take this time to congratulate two of my students on their success at the World Karate and Kickboxing Council (WKC) National Team tryouts in Montreal, Quebec, which was held May 18-20, 2012. Ryan Welsh won the silver medal in Black Belt fighting, and Dana Broadhead won the silver medal in Advanced Forms, and the bronze medal in Advanced Fighting. The two of them have now qualified for the Canadian Team who will be competing at the WKC World Championships in October.

Monday, May 7, 2012

April Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following students who were promoted at my school in April:

Angus M: Advanced White
Konrad M: Yellow
Noelle M: Yellow
Harrison F: Advanced Yellow
Jacob K: Advanced Yellow
Luke N: Purple
Maxim F: Purple
Vince B: Advanced Purple
Chloe B: Blue
Feras A: Blue
Reese W: Blue
Jacob C: Advanced Blue
Justin F: Green