Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Belt Promotions

Congratulations to all of the following students for closing off the year in phenomenal fashion:

Cailyn P: Advanced White Belt
Isaac P: Advanced White
Julia R: Advanced White
Julia P: Yellow
Lucas B: Yellow
Maximilian R: Yellow
Stephen D: Orange
Noah B: Advanced Green

See you all in 2016!

November Belt Promotions

November was a big month for belt promotions at Seabrook Martial Arts Academy. We had five students promoted to Junior Black Belt, three students promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt, one student to 2nd Degree Black Belt, and one student to 3rd Degree Black Belt. My daughters, Morgan and Madison, were promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt and Junior Black Belt, respectively.

Boris N: Orange Belt
Jeremy-lee D: Advanced Orange Belt
Matteo D: Purple Belt
Peter Z: Blue Belt
Mohammad H: Advanced Blue
Scott W: Green Belt
Christofer L: Junior Black Belt
Joseph L: Junior Black Belt
Madison Seabrook: Junior Black Belt
Michael L: Junior Black Belt
Reese W: Junior Black Belt
Josh G: 1st Degree Black Belt
Michael G: 1st Degree Black Belt
Morgan Seabrook: 1st Degree Black Belt
Brennan W: 2nd Degree Black Belt
Darren W: 3rd Degree Black Belt

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

October Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following students of Seabrook Martial Arts Academy on their recent belt promotions:

Elisabeth H: Orange
Hannah D: Advanced Blue
Timothy B: 2nd Degree Brown

Great work!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

7th Degree Black Belt Promotion

On September 26, 2015, I was honored to test for 7th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster Larry Tatum at the 7th Annual Can-Am Kenpo Karate Camp in London, Ontario, hosted by Scott Southwell. Far more important than my promotion, was the opportunity to be evaluated by the one the best Kenpo Karate experts on the globe. For my testing, all of the techniques that I performed were called out in random order without any knowledge of which ones would be called. The techniques were challenging, as the vast majority of them included the extensions of the base techniques:

Five Swords
Triggered Salute (ext)
Repeating Mace
Locking Horns (ext)
Striking Serpent's Head (ext)
Buckling Branch (ext)
Calming the Storm (ext)
Leaping Crane (ext)
Crushing Hammer (ext)
Squeezing the Peach (ext)
Thundering Hammers (ext)
Cross of Destruction (ext)
Parting Wings (ext)
Hugging Pendulum (ext)
Snaking Talon (ext)
Twist of Fate (ext)
Griping Talon (ext)
Broken Ram (ext)
Encounter with Danger (ext)
Escape from Death (ext)
Leap from Danger (ext)
Capturing the Storm (ext)
Clipping the Storm (ext)
The Back Breaker (ext)
Thrust into Darkness
Deceptive Panther
Unfurling Crane
Bowing to Buddha
Broken Rod
Defying the Rod
Twisted Rod

I was also required to perform Long Form 4, Long Form 5, and Long Form 6.

Attached are some pictures from the testing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Septemeber Belt Promotions

New belt promotions at Seabrook Martial Arts Academy:

Anthony T: Advanced White
John M: Advanced White
Isabella H: Yellow
Filip K: Orange
Jennifer B: 2nd Degree Brown
Vince B: 2nd Degree Brown

Awesome work everyone!

August Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following students on their promotions in August at Seabrook Martial Arts Academy:

Sonia K: Orange
Eric B: Advanced Orange
Mohammad H: Blue
Alex K: Advanced Blue
Ben K: Advanced Blue
Maria Z: Advanced Blue
Scott B: Advanced Green
Claire H: 1st Degree Brown
Noah W: 1st Degree Brown

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Hi Everyone,

It is with much excitement to inform you that Evan Wiley, a 4th Degree American Kenpo Karate Black Belt, has opened a martial arts school in Mt. Brydges, Ontario, and classes will be held on Thursday evenings at the Mt. Brydges Community Centre at 565 Lions Park Drive. Evan is one of my two highest black belts that I have ever taught, and has been training in American Kenpo Karate for 17 years. He is an expert martial artist with phenomenal teaching skills, and tremendous fighting ability. He is a role model for students of all ages, and has a knack for being able to teach students of all levels.

If you are interested in learning practical self-defense, and improving your physical and mental health, I highly recommend Evan Wiley's school as the best choice for those living in Mt. Brydges.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

July Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following students who were promoted at Seabrook Martial Arts Academy in July:

Isabella H: Advanced White
Boris N: Advanced Yellow
Stephen D: Advanced Yellow
Victoria B: Purple
Cameron V: Advanced Blue
Nathan V: Advanced Blue

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cara's Twelve by Chantel Seabrook

Hi Everyone,

In June 2015, Chantel had her first novel published by Creativia, titled, "Cara's Twelve". This book falls under the fantasy romance genre, and in its first month of being available as an e-book on, and one week after its availability as a paperback, the novel has received stellar reviews worldwide! If you are interested in reading some of the reviews, and/or to purchase a copy of Cara's Twelve, please click here:

Sunday, July 5, 2015

7th Annual Can-Am Kenpo Karate Camp

Hi Everyone,

On September 25th & 26th, the 7th Annual Can-Am Kenpo Karate Camp is being held in London, Ontario at 931 Leathorne Street Unit D. This event will include a 2-day martial arts camp featuring several guest instructors, most notably 10th Degree American Kenpo Karate Black Belt, Grandmaster Larry Tatum. The training camp will run from 5-9 pm on September 25th, and from 8 am until 4 pm on September 26th.

The camp fee is $125 if paid before August 1st and $135 after August 1st.

Mailed Cheques can be made out to:
Scott Southwell
220 Widder St
Goderich, Ontario, Canada N7A-3V4

OR Email transfer money to

Seminar schedule

5:00-6:00- Bryan Zarnett
6:00-7:00- David Pantano
7:00-9:00- Master Tatum

8:00-9:00-Jamie Seabrook
9:00-10:00-Mike Leclair
10:00-11:00-Steve Arsenault
11:00-12:00-Maqtewe'k Matto'law Collins
1:00-2:00-Scott Southwell
2:00-4:00- Larry Tatum
4:00-6:00 Black Belt Testing

June Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following students of Seabrook Martial Arts Academy on their new belt promotions:

Filip K: Advanced Yellow
Jeremy-lee D: Orange
Matteo D: Advanced Orange
Santiago B: Purple
Hannah D: Blue

Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Morgan!

I can't believe it! Chantel and I now have a teenage daughter! Morgan is 13 today! It honestly feels like yesterday when Morgan was born. On June 26th, 2002, I went out to buy a sub from Subway and I when I arrived home, Chantel was waiting for me with a big smile on her face and told me the hospital had called her and it was time for us to go! Fast forward 13 years later, and Morgan is a Junior Black Belt, competitive soccer player, and an A student in school. I am very proud of her. Happy Birthday Morgan! I love you so much!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

May 2015 Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following two students who were promoted in May 2015 at Seabrook Martial Arts Academy:

Alex K: Blue Belt
Ben K: Blue Belt

Thursday, May 14, 2015

April Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following three students on their recent belt promotions at Seabrook Martial Arts Academy:

Filip K: Yellow Belt
Eric B: Orange Belt
Santiago B: Advanced Orange
Christofer L: 1st Degree Brown
Joseph L: 1st Degree Brown
Michael L: 1st Degree Brown
Madison S: 1st Degree Brown
Reese W: 1st Degree Brown

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grandmaster Larry Tatum Event

On March 27-28th, Sensei Rob St. Jean hosted a two day martial arts training camp in Blenheim, Ontario at his school, Dynasty Martial Arts. The event was simply awesome and I highly recommend his martial arts school to anyone in the Chatham-Kent area. I was honored to teach a sparring class to adolescents who were mostly junior brown and junior black belts, and I had the opportunity to fight every student by the end of the class. The highlight of the camp was training with Grandmaster Larry Tatum who taught a three-dimensional Short Form 3, showing how each of the techniques in the form could be applied against multiple attackers. If you missed Rob St. Jean's event this time, be sure to make it next time!

I have attached a couple of pictures from my seminar.

March Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following students on their belt promotions:

Boris N: Yellow Belt
Elisabeth H: Advanced Yellow
Jeremy D: Advanced Yellow
Seung-You C: Advanced Yellow
Sonia K: Advanced Yellow
Matteo D: Orange Belt
Mohammad H: Advanced Purple
Noah W: 2nd Degree Brown

Thursday, March 5, 2015

January / February Belt Promotions

Hello Everyone,

As there were no belt promotions throughout January, below is the list of students who were promoted in February at Seabrook Martial Arts Academy:

Boris N: Advanced White
Jeremy-lee D: Yellow
Matteo D: Advanced Yellow
Nathan V.: Blue
Noah B.: Green

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

December Belt Promotions

Congratulations to the following students on their end of the year belt promotions:

Filip K: Advanced White
Elisabeth H: Yellow
Seung-You C: Yellow
Sonia K: Yellow
Stephen D: Yellow
Eric B: Advanced Yellow
Santiago B: Orange
Mohammad H: Purple
Alex K: Advanced Purple
Ben K: Advanced Purple
Mariah Z:Advanced Purple
Scott B: Advanced Blue
Noah B: Advanced Blue
Claire H: 2nd Degree Brown
Ethan B: 2nd Degree Brown
Luke N: 2nd Degree Brown
Maia G: 2nd Degree Brown
Maxim F: 2nd Degree Brown

Friday, January 2, 2015

UFC 182 - Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

Tomorrow night UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones will square off against a man that I have think has the best chance of dethroning Jones' title: Daniel Cormier. Daniel is 15-0 in mixed martial arts, and is 4-0 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. From December 21st-30th, my family spent our Christmas holiday in Las Vegas. On December 30th around 5:30 pm, we decided to take one last walk though the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino before heading over to the airport. After sharing some good quality family time, I noticed an elevator had opened, and who do I see? Daniel Cormier. Daniel took the time to meet my family and take pictures. Hoping he wins the UFC title tomorrow evening.

2014 Martial Arts Training Log

Below is my complete training log for 2014. I have decided that 2014 will be my last year logging my training routines, given my time commitments, and the difficulty remembering everything I work on each day. If this blog motivates you to log your training time, get in better shape, and improve your skills, it will have done its job. Happy New Year everyone.

Days Practiced: 348
Total # of Classes Taught: 467
Stand-up Sparring (days) – 56
Jiu Jitsu Rolling (days): 43
Sit-ups – 36,516
Kettlebell/Weights (days): 119

American Kenpo Karate

Random Kenpo Techniques – 2967
Yellow Belt Freestyle Techniques: 9
Blocking Set 1 – 70
Blocking Set 2 – 15
Kicking Set 1 – 42
Kicking Set 2 – 13
Finger Set 1 – 49
Finger Set 2 – 11
Coordination Set 1 – 21
Coordination Set 2 – 10
Striking Set 1 – 21
Striking Set 2 – 10
Stance Set 1 – 36
Stance Set 2 – 14
Two Man Set – 32
Staff Set – 5
Short Form 1 – 90
Short Form 2 - 26
Short Form 3 – 23
Long Form 1 – 31
Long Form 2 – 19
Long Form 3 – 32
Long Form 4 – 14
Long Form 5 – 6
Long Form 6 – 7
Long Form 7 – 4
Long Form 8 – 62
10 Yellow Techniques – 12
12 Orange Techniques – 12
12 Purple Techniques – 12
16 Blue Techniques – 12
20 Green Techniques – 12
20 3rd Degree Brown Techniques – 12
20 2nd Degree Brown Techniques – 6
20 1st Degree Brown Techniques – 12
20 1st Degree Black Techniques – 12
2nd Degree Black Techniques – 11
3rd Degree Black Techniques – 12

Modern Arnis

Anyo Isa –11
Anyo Dalawa – 9
Anyo Tatlo – 8
Anyo Apat – 8
12 Basic Strikes (control) – 2
Trapping hands (De cadena) – 3

Black Dragon System Kung Fu

Breathing Law 1 - 2
Sai Form - 19

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Trap & Roll Escape from Mount: 60
Americana Armlock from Mount: 31
Positional Control from Mount: 35
Take the Back from Mount: 22
Rear Naked Choke from Back Mount: 14
Leg Hook Takedown (Standing): 18
Clinch Aggressive Opponent Standing: 12
Punch Block Series Stages 1-4 from Guard: 16
Straight Armlock from Mount: 23
Triangle Choke from Guard: 15
Elevator Sweep from Guard: 9
Elbow Escape from Mount: 8
Positional Control from Side Mount: 6
Body Fold Takedown (Standing): 4
Clinch Conservative Opponent: 4
Headlock Counters from Mount: 6
Double Leg Takedown (Standing): 2
Headlock Escape 1 from Side Mount: 3
Straight Armlock from Guard: 2
Double Ankle Sweep from Guard: 3
Guillotine Choke (Standing): 1
Punch Block Series Stage 5: 1
Punch Block Series Stage 5 from Guard: 1

Super Hooks (Mount Controls): 8
High Mount (Mount Controls): 7
Surprise Rolls (Mount Escapes): 6
Surprise Elbows (Mount Escapes): 6
Americana Armlock (Mount Submission Counters): 8
Straight Armlock (Mount Submission Counters):6
Twisting Arm Control (Mount Submission Counters): 6
Neck-hug Sequence (Mount Submissions): 7
Cross Choke Sequence (Mount Submissions): 6
Control Flow (Side Mount Controls): 6
Knee on Stomach (Side Mount Controls): 6
Bump and Shoot (Side Mount Escapes): 6
High-low Guard (Side Mount Escapes): 6
Americana Armlock (Side Mount Submissions):6
Elbow Cup Armbar (Side Mount Submissions): 5
Safe Hands (Side Mount Submission Counters):6
Posture Prevention (Guard Controls):40
Pass Prevention (Guard Controls): 35
Knee Split Pass (Guard Passes): 34
Standing Pass (Guard Passes): 27
Triangle Choke (Guard Submission Counters): 26
Straight Armlock (Guard Submission Counters): 26
Kimura (Guard Submission Counters): 22
Wrist Control Sequence (Guard Submissions): 19
Triple Threat (Guard Submissions): 22
Scissor Sweep (Guard Sweeps): 22
Cross Sweep (Guard Sweeps): 16
Butterfly Guard (Sport Guards): 13
Spider Guard (Sport Guards): 13
Guard Recovery (Half Guard Bottom): 16
Take the Back (Half Guard Bottom): 17
Elevator Sweep (Half Guard Bottom): 14
Tripod Pass (Half Guard Top): 14
Sitting Pass (Half Guard Top): 13
Three-Quarter Guard Pass (Half Guard Top): 15
Crossover Control (Back Mount Controls): 7
Triple Threat (Back Mount Controls): 3
Choke Sequence (Back Mount Submissions): 1