Monday, November 22, 2010

Summary of Sean Kelley Seminars in London, Ontario

Last weekend, Sean Kelley conducted three Kenpo Karate seminars in London, Ontario. In the first seminar, Mr. Kelley taught the self-defense techniques “Obstructing the Storm” and “Capturing the Storm” and broke each of these club self-defenses down with a lot of detail. He also taught various lock and flow drills, as well as some give-and-take drills utilizing Wing Chun Kung Fu. In the second seminar, Mr. Kelley spent 2 hours on the self-defense technique “Glancing Lance” and showed how the common way this technique is taught is flawed and dangerous. Instead, Mr. Kelley provided a more realistic way of making Glancing Lance work. Finally, in the third seminar, Mr. Kelley taught on kickboxing. Students had the opportunity to work various punch, kick, punch-kick, kick-punch, and footwork maneuvers on partners. A special thanks also goes out to Steve Beecroft for allowing me to conduct the seminars at his school. Below are a couple of photos from the event:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Congratulations goes out to Dana Broadhead, a 3rd Degree Brown Belt under me in American Kenpo Karate, who just won the Gold Medal in Women's Chinese Forms at the 2010 World Karate & Kickboxing Council World Championships in Albufeira, Portugal. Dana performed the American Kenpo form, "Long Form 3".

Jamie Seabrook
Chinese Karate Federation (CKF)